How to Save Money on Your Next Vacation: 7 Ways

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I prepared a list of the foods I wanted to learn how to prepare, the things I wanted to save money for, and the locations I wanted to visit. Planning is essential for achieving both large and little objectives, but it's particularly important for those of us who are eager to go outside of our comfort zones. Here are some ideas to keep in mind while you plan your forthcoming trips in order to save money.

1. Prioritize your spending priorities first

What do you like best about traveling? I personally like to physically put my money where my mouth is. I'm happiest when I spend the majority of my money on food. Though none of my meals must be extravagant for me to be happy, I like to sample as many different foods as possible, including regional specialties like craft beer or specialty cocktails as well as the top restaurants in the area.

I'm content to let go of things like purchasing trinkets, booking the ideal hotel, and seeing every tourist attraction. I don't mind spending less money to stay somewhere, and if the cost of a museum or park admission is too high, I typically don't mind forgoing it. I'll aim to visit a location in a city that is well-known for it before, if necessary, skipping locations farther down the list.

2. Consider traveling to a place where you already have friends or family when choosing a vacation

I structured my 2020 travel itinerary on the locations and people I want to see, and fortunately there is some overlap between the two. The pleasure of seeing a new city is added to the already enjoyable experience of visiting a friend. Additionally, the possibility of avoiding hotel expenses or even dining at home might help you save money.

3. Find less expensive airfares

Since flights are often the most costly component of a trip, you should aim to save as much money as possible there in order to reduce the cost of your vacation as a whole.

You're already positioning yourself for a vacation with cheaper costs if you're willing to lose some time by taking flights with longer layovers. Additionally, extended layovers may allow you to visit a different location! Due to lengthier layovers, I was able to spend some time in Amsterdam on previous visits while travelling from India to the U.S. and an hour getting pizza with my parents when flying from Los Angeles to Asia.

Set notifications for less expensive flights and visit for great flight discounts.

4. Think about low-cost or free housing

Look into opportunities for home sitting or house swapping in advance. Couch surfing is a fantastic alternative as well, so long as you feel secure and at ease doing it. You can save money this way, and you could even meet some new people in the area. Hostels are often fairly inexpensive if you'd like to reside elsewhere. Or, search for less expensive hotels or hostels nearby or on your route. Although you would have to go a little farther to get to the city's core, if you want to stroll about, this can be the most affordable housing choice.

5. Consider bringing snacks or going grocery shopping when it comes to eating

I've been a vegetarian for the most of my life. So I'll bring some protein bars with me when I go to countries where meat is present in the majority of the local fare. In addition to saving me money, this prevents me from spending money on a dish of boiled potatoes or similar tasteless vegetable substitute.

However, keep in mind that a grocery shop could be your greatest friend if you're attempting to save valuable luggage space and avoid paying baggage fees. One of my favorite vacation activities is stopping at a neighborhood grocery shop for fresh food and regional treats. I can usually try something new that I haven't tried previously.

6. Choose the appropriate credit card.

Use a credit card that offers cashback, incentives, or travel points. Before making any travel arrangements, such as hotel or airline reservations, do some research to determine your best course of action. This may include applying for a new credit card or just modifying the rewards programs offered by your existing card.

7. Lastly, look for free activities.

Remember that there are a ton of free activities available in any city, whether you want to spend your spare time at a neighborhood park, library, or other public area. A lot of walking tours throughout a city will often show you popular areas and districts without charging you anything. Many museums also have free entry days. You may get additional details with a fast Google search.

Happy traveling, buddies!
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