When in Los Angeles, Where Should You Stay?

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Compared to other locations in the globe, few are as glorified and mythologized as California. Los Angeles, the second-largest city in the United States (after New York City), is in the center of the Southern California coast's glitz, surf beaches, and near-endless sun. It's no surprise so many tourists flock to Los Angeles.

Most people have heard of Los Angeles because of Hollywood. Tinseltown, Beverly Hills, the Sunset Strip, the original Disneyland, the Dodgers and the Lakers, and a beach culture that spawned California's current surfing boom in the 1950s are all located in Los Angeles.

Highways, coastlines, filthy suburbs, posh neighborhoods and high-octane lifestyles are all part of the city's chaotic fabric, which is framed by pristine beaches and towering, snowcapped mountains. In the same way that where you stay in New York City has a significant influence on your vacation, we've put up this guide to help you figure out where to stay in Los Angeles.

Where to stay Downtown

What to do in the evening The historic core of Los Angeles, Downtown , has undergone a rebirth. Apartments have been built in the beautiful ancient banks and hotels. LA Live, a $2.5 billion retail and entertainment complex, has added theaters, luxury hotels, a slew of dining options, and a nightlife district to the area.

There are still a number of distinct neighborhoods in the area, such as adobe structures and Mexican market stands along with skid row (home to many thousands of the country's poorest), avant-garde art galleries, and skyscrapers housing major corporations.

There are budget motels as well as five-star resorts to choose from. However, even though the MTA networks and public transportation are concentrated in Downtown, getting to the beaches is not straightforward.

Ace Hotel is the place to stay if you want to dress coolly in Los Angeles.
Located in the middle of the city's business district, this trendy hotel has elegant rooms and a rooftop pool.

The best option for sports-loving individuals is: Athletic Club of Los Angeles

The upper three floors of this private club house a 72-room hotel with a gym, jacuzzi, and sauna all included in the accommodation rate.

Hotels in Hollywood, California

Millions of tourists and dreamers have flocked to Hollywood since since movies and their actors became worldwide icons of the high life.

This was in fact a densely inhabited, low-income neighborhood, and movie stars spent very little time here, preferring the quiet of the hills or the seaside whenever they could afford it.

Building new tourist plazas and retail complexes has made things seem better in recent years. As a result of its unique mix of newly polished nostalgia, corporate glitz, and down-and-dirty seediness, Hollywood is now one of LA's most interesting neighborhoods – and a great place to go bar hopping or club hopping.

The Hollywood Bed & Breakfast is the best place to stay if you want a unique experience.

In a 1912 mansion that looks like something out of a Dr. Seuss novel, this B&B is located There are four comfortable rooms and a small pool on-site, and it's close to everything.

A sleek, minimalist hotel is the best choice: Magic Castle Hotel.

A well-liked hotel with clean, modern rooms and suites, a heated pool, and free soda, candy, and cookies all day, every day.

Santa Monica, Venice and Malibu are all great places to stay

Santa Monica is a city-within-a-city for many Los Angelenos. It's a laid-back coastal community with easy access to the rest of the city.

As one of LA's most exclusive neighborhoods, Beverly Hills is a welcoming and liberal stronghold of oceanside beauty that's easy to get there from the city's bustling downtown.

In Venice, only a few miles south, you'll discover an eclectic mix of skaters, street performers, buskers, and other street performers. This neighborhood has changed, yet there is still an edgy vibe about it.

With its ramshackle surf shops and fast-food outlets along the Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu is a great place to immerse yourself in beach culture (PCH).

Ambrose is the best option for a back-to-the-beach bed.

For those looking to stay in inland Santa Monica, this is the ideal option with boutique rooms and Arts and Crafts-styled décor.

Best for a romantic weekend away: Channel Road Inn.

With beach views, a hot tub, and complimentary bike rentals, this B&B in lower Santa Monica Canyon (northwest of Santa Monica) is a great place to stay when in the area.

Where to go in Venice Beach: The Kinney

At this California hotel, guests may enjoy a heated outdoor pool, bicycle rentals, an outdoor area with a fire pit, and ping-pong tables.

Hotels in Orange County, California

Unless you're planning on visiting Disneyland or traveling along the coast, you shouldn't consider staying in Orange County unless you're already planning on going to the area's most famous attraction, which occupies just about one square mile of land.


Conveniently located only steps from from Santa Monica Pier with nine basic yet stylish rooms decorated in pop-art style to reflect the region's beach and surfing culture. Many professional surfers really do make this their home base.

Oceanfront luxury: The Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel, California

This Ritz-Carlton on the coast is one of the most beautiful in town (on the cliffs overlooking the sea around Dana Point). Luxurious rooms and suites abound in this hotel.
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